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Practice Areas

Attorney Cusack specializes in criminal defense both in District and Superior Court



There are many collateral consequences that arise as a result of someone being accused for driving under the influence.  Most importantly significant fees/fines and loss of a driver's license.


Recently, the breathalyzer test has come under scrutiny which may affect a person's decision to give a sample or not if they are pulled over. 


If you or someone you know are charged with OU/DWI/DUI contact Attorney Cusack for more information.


Gun Offenses


It is illegal to carrying a firearm in Massachusetts without a valid Firearm Identification Card (FID).  


An FID card also encompasses other types of precautionary weapons, including mace and pepper spray.


Violent Crimes


There are a wide range of violent crimes from simple assault and battery to home invasion.


Attorney Cusack successfully defended clients charged in both District and Superior Court with these offenses.



Property Offenses

​Proprety offenses include minor misdemeanors such as shoplifting up to robberries which carry a potential penalty of life in prison.


Regardless of the consequeces, having an attorney at the earliest stage of the proceedings is the only way to ensure you understand the proceedings and defend your rights.




Domestic Offenses

Arguments with a spouse or significant other have severe consequences now following the passage of a comprehensive domestic violence law.  


New offenses were created and harsher penalties as a result.  Attorney Cusack has a full understanding of these new laws and is prepared to fight for you in court.


Sex Offenses


Sexual offenses carry not only stigma from the charge itself but also significant collateral consequences, including registering a sex offender.  Depending on the level of classification from the Sex Offender Registry Board (SORB) your personal information could be disseminatied on the internet for all to see.  Attorney Cusack has defended clients charged with various offenses ranging from indecent exposure to aggravated rape of a child.  Additionally, she has represented clients before the SORB to fight for lower classification.



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